our values

To be a thriving community,
committed to Jesus Christ,
committed to excellence in
education and committed to
service to others.

Our LIFE values are our foundation:
Love -
Loving God, loving people and giving of service to others.
Integrity -
Inward character matches our outward character. Living a life of respect towards self, others, property and the environment.
Faithfulness -
To God, our school and good stewardship.
Excellence -
Being the best we can be in all aspects of school and our learning as an expression of worship.

At Sonrise Christian School, we embrace these core values that guide our daily interactions and decision-making:

1. Christ-centeredness: We strive to keep Jesus Christ at the center of all that we do, following His teachings and example in our relationships, work, and service to others.
2. Character development: We believe in cultivating character traits such as honesty, integrity, responsibility, kindness, and respect in ourselves and our students, helping them to become well-rounded individuals who positively impact their communities.
3. Academic excellence: We are committed to providing a rigorous academic program that challenges our students to grow intellectually, creatively, and academically, preparing them for a lifetime of learning and achievement.
4. Community building: We believe in fostering a sense of community among our students, staff, parents, and supporters, promoting collaboration, communication, and mutual support.
5. Servant leadership: We encourage our students to become servant leaders who use their talents and abilities to serve others, following Jesus' example of humility and service.
6. Cultural awareness: We value diversity and seek to cultivate cultural awareness and sensitivity in our students, helping them to appreciate and respect different perspectives and backgrounds.
7. Stewardship: We believe in responsible stewardship of our resources, including time, talents, and finances, using them wisely and ethically to advance God's kingdom and benefit others.

By embracing these values, we seek to create a vibrant learning community that nurtures the spiritual, intellectual, and personal growth of our students and prepares them for a life of purpose and meaning.

Sonrise Christian School aims to assist parents
to prepare and guide their child towards maturity.
To be a thriving community committed to
Jesus Christ, excellence in education
and service to others.
our mission
Te Matauranga Mutungakore.
Educating for Eternity

At Sonrise Christian School
we know how important it is
to give our students the best start in education that they can get.

When students start at our school we don’t just take in a student but the whole whānau and desire to work in partnership with each family to know and love each child.

Each teacher models the life and love of Jesus through providing exciting learning programmes that make learning and growing a life-long journey. Leading from the principle of Mana Motuhake our passionate teachers demonstrate daily that they care for the performance and learning of their students. This means having high expectations, being committed to teaching students how to learn and taking personal and professional responsibility for each of their students’ learning. We are well resourced to ensure a strong foundation of literacy and numeracy is developed in each child while enhancing this with sport, the arts, the sciences, health, cultural opportunities, digital technologies and more. All of this is taught through a biblical world-view strengthened with time to open God’s Word and explore who He is and who we are as children of God.