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Special Character

The special Christian character of the school is summarised by 5 points

  1. Development of Christian character
  2. Development of a Christian world view
  3. Development of each student as an individual
  4. Acknowledgment of parental responsibility
  5. Establishment of a Christian discipleship environment

Development of Christian Character

A Christian way of life is taught and promoted in all areas of curriculum and relationships within the school. The focus is not only on good academic standards, but also on enabling the children to be learners for life, good thinkers, happy healthy joyful people, grounded in living in a Christian way.

Development of a Christian world view

Pupils are assisted to develop a reasoned and balanced world view. Students acknowledge that the world belongs to God, understand that God is involved in every aspect of learning and living, and learn the relevance of the Bible to all areas of life. This thinking is developed at every level of maturity, with students able to uphold and communicate this Christian world view.

Development of each student as an individual

Respect for each person as unique and valuable to God is an essential principle of this school community. Each student is encouraged to identify the gifts and skills given to them by God, and to develop these to their maximum ability.

Acknowledgment of parental responsibility

Parents have the primary responsibility for the Bible based education of their children. The school assists parents in fulfilling this responsibility.

Establishment of a Discipleship Environment

The school community practises a Christian way of life together, encouraging all of the people at the school to trust the Lord Jesus Christ, to commit their lives to Him, and to love and serve others as Christ loves us.