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Application For Sonrise Christian School

If you wish to apply to Sonrise, please complete the following form. Also, you will have to print, sign and send the following document: Signatures required Clcik to Download the PDF Reader

Your Email:
Family name of applicant:
First names:
Date of birth:
Country of Birth:
Home Address:
IWI (only if applicable):
Other Languages spoken:
Previously Education(incl Early Childhood education):
Date of leaving:
Reason for leaving last school:
Family Information
Full Name of Father/Guardian:
His Address:
His Employment:
Full Name of Mother/Guardian:
Her Address:
Her Employment:
Other Children in Family(include name and age):
Emergency Contacts
Please include the following:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Home Phone
  • Cellphone(if available)
1st Emergency Contact:
2nd Emergency Contact:
Religious Information
Church attended:
Church Contact Number:
May we contact your Minister or other similar persons for a reference?:
Medical Information
Family Doctor:
Doctor contact number:
Does your child have any physical disabilities allergies or any other condition?:
If yes please explain the medical condition:
Has your child already recieved the following vaccinations?
Tetanus: Yes
Rubella: Yes
Hepatitis: Yes
Scholastic Information
If Answer is yes to any of the following questions please explain.
Has your Child ever had any disciplinary difficulties?:
Are there any other agencies involved with your child?:
Does your child have any special teaching or behavioural needs?:
Please state your childs particular interests and hobbies:
General Information
How did you come to hear about Sonrise Christian School?:
What are your reasons for selecting Sonrise Christian School?:
Do you have a child's name down for any other school at the moment?: Yes
Who will be responsible for the fees?: