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Gisborne Christian Education Trust

'..providing Christian Education for the families of Gisborne...'


Kia Ora Everyone

Welcome to another year at Sonrise Christian School - another year which will be full of God's provision and grace to us.

This year we want to improve our communication with our school community as there is always news, background information and frequently asked questions that come up from time to time.

Background Information

Gisborne Christian Education Trust (GCET) are the Proprietors of Sonrise Christian School.

SonriseChristian Schoolis an integrated state school of special character. This means that the state pays the teachers and provides money to run the school. Like any other school, there is an elected Board of Trustees which sets the vision and future plans for the school, makes sure the school is working well and supports the staff and principal.

Another group, called the proprietors, supplies land, buildings, and any other facility which is a fixture such as landscaping and playgrounds. Proprietors charge attendance dues for this and of course are also assisted by grants from charitable trusts and donations. Dues are used only to finance these facilities and are not used to run the school. Proprietors are also responsible for guarding the special character of the school, and have four appointed positions on the Board of Trustees so that everyone works together to deliver special character education.

The members of the Trust are:

Mr Deryk Jenson (Chairman)
Mrs Georgette Jenson (Secretary)
Mrs Dianne Holland (Treasurer)
Mr Walton Sadlier
Mr Philburgh Viljoen
Mrs Debbie Viljoen

All the trustees are extremely committed to the Trust and to the school.

All the Trustees are volunteers and give many many unpaid hours to Trust and the school.


1-The Roll

It is very exciting to see the school grow. Twenty years ago, at the start of the school the roll was 6, and since then it has risen and fallen. At one stage after the first buildings were built, it dropped as low as 19 which was a test of faith! But since then it has grown and grown and now is at 104, which is a great testimony to the faithfulness of God. Currently we have a roll cap of 150 students. It would be very exciting to see the school grow to this capacity.

2-The new block- Senior Class

It is really exciting to be able to provide education for our children at a high school level. Like the increase in roll this had to be approved by the Ministry of Education and is a real testament to God's provision that this change for the school was approved.

We have just finished the new senior classroom block. This includes a classroom and a technical room which has been planned to accommodate science, art, home economics, and other technical subjects. It includes safety features such as a separate room for storage of chemicals, and a shower to handle any accidental spills.

3-The Preschool

Sonrise Christian Preschool has now been operating for approximately one year and is very popular.  This is a separate project to that of the School. It is financed by a lease from the Preschool and parent's dues are not used for this. GCET provides the land, building and fixtures while The Kingdom Kids and Education Trust provide the teachers, equipment, and the skills needed to develop and deliver the curriculum. The Preschool is a distinct entity from Sonrise Christian School, although they work very closely together.