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Why does it cost?

Sonrise Christian School is a State Integrated School of Special Character.

As such, the school provides the New Zealand Curriculum with a special character emphasis.

The school receives funding from the Ministry of Education for operational activities and for teacher salaries.

However, the provision of land and buildings for the school is provided by the proprietors, the Gisborne Christian Education Trust.

Finance for the purchase of land at Nelson Road and the buildings, has been achieved by way of donations, low or no interest loans, and by commercial borrowing of the capital required. In order to repay borrowings and to allow future growth of the school, attendance dues are charged for pupils attending the school.

Attendance dues are currently set at $1,664 per year per pupil, capped at $5,200 per anum for larger families . This equates to a weekly cost of $32 per pupil (for 52 weeks)