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What are the full costs

As a State Integrated School of Special Character, it falls to the Proprietors of the school to provide the land and buildings that the school operates from. To fund the land and buildings, attendance dues are charged.

Attendance dues are set at $1,664 (including GST) per year per pupil, capped at $5,720 (including GST) for families of four or more pupils attending the school.

Attendance dues are charged annually or part thereof if commencing part way through the year.  To make payment of the dues more achievable for families, payments may be made by regular automatic payment on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis as per the following schedule.

Account Details Gisborne Christian Education Trust
Account No 06 0637 0178869 00
Ref (enter your child/s name)

Annual Payment


1 Payment

Due in advance

Per Term Payment


4 Payments

Due in advance

Monthly Payment


12 Payments

Due monthly

Fortnightly Payment


26 Payments

Due fortnightly

Weekly Payment


52 Payments

Due weekly

Please note that if a regular payment plan is chosen, the payments need to start from the beginning of the calendar year and continue through holiday time.

In cases of hardship, an approach can be made to the proprietors, who may reduce or waive the fee if necessary. This is done in the strictest confidence.

Please contact Linda Fussell (027) 316 8642 or email for any queries.