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What are the full costs

As a State Integrated School of Special Character, it falls to the Proprietors of the school to provide the land and buildings that the school operates from. To fund the land and buildings, attendance dues are charged.

Currently our attendance dues are $1664 (inc. GST) per year and are a compulsory requirement for attendance at Sonrise Christian School.

Attendance dues can be paid in several ways.

  1. A one off payment of $1,664 per annum.
  2. Per Quarter payments of $416.00.
  3. Monthly payments of $138.67.
  4. Fortnightly payments of $64.00 (26 Payments per year)
  5. Weekly payments of $32.00 (52 Payments per year)

These payments are worked out on a 52 week/ 12 month year and so need continue through the holidays.

Many of our families find the most convenient way to pay is by automatic payment.

The Proprietors or the School Board of Trustees DO NOT charge a voluntary fees for attending the school.

There may be incidental costs associated with school activities that parents are asked to contibute towards i.e. travel costs to sporting events, visiting performers to the school. School camps will also carry a cost to attend. These costs are completely seperate from the attendance dues.